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Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-2007
Product DescriptionMild Steel Tubular Four Legs Fitted With Pvc Stumps.Foot has  Ring Supports.It is  Adjustable in has Top Through Screw, Pre Treated And Epoxy Powder Coated.DIMENSIONS - 45 cm-45 cm-60 cm (Length - 1.5 feet, Width - 1.5 feet, Height from ground 2 feet min, Maxi..
Ex Tax:Rs1,500.00
  Wellton Healthcare Lab Technician Stool WH-2006
2-3 Days
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-2006
 Product Description It M.S. Tubular frame fitted with PVC stump.The CRC sheet with double press bent. It has Adjustable Height. The Product Features 5 Legs on Castor wheels provided for easy movement.DIMENSIONS - 45 cm-45 cm-60 cm..
Ex Tax:Rs1,600.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-2012
 Wellton Healthcare Plastic  Stool (Brown) WH-2012Size - 35x30x50 cm..
Ex Tax:Rs400.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-2008
 Product DescriptionThe Upholstered Seat. Its Epc Framework.The Plastic  Base With Wheels.  It has Revolving Top.    the Height Adjustable Using Pneumatic Gas Spring.DIMENSIONS - 45-45-60 cm..
Ex Tax:Rs1,900.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-2009
Product DescriptionThe Crc Sheet Duly Double Press Bent. It Pre-Treated and Epoxy Powder Coated. The M.S. Tubular Frame Fitted with Pvc Stump.Weighing capacity 250 kg.DIMENSIONS - 15-15-25 cm..
Ex Tax:Rs750.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH -2001
 Product Description The M.S. Tubular four legs fitted on PVC stumps.It has S.S. Foot ring supports 18" to 27".Cushion = 3 inch ; minimum height 21 inch Its Adjustable height S.S.Top through screw...
Ex Tax:Rs1,300.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-2002
Wellton Healthcare 4 Leg Delux Revolving Stool WH-2002Features:It Has M.S. Tubular Four Legs Fitted With PVC StumpsIt Has Foot Ring Supports Which Maintain Weight  BalancingThe Through Screw, Pre-Treated And Epoxy Powder Coated               ..
Ex Tax:Rs1,200.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-2005
DescriptionProduct  Features :The M.S Tubular frame fitted with PVC stump.It CRC sheet duly double press bent.Heavy Quality.DIMENSIONS - 45-45-60 cm..
Ex Tax:Rs1,400.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-2011
Wellton Healthcare 4 Leg Visitor Stool WH-2011 Product Description It Has M.S. Tubular frame Fitted With PVC Stump. The CRC Sheet With Double Press Bent. It Has Adjustable Height. The Firmly Stand On Legs.DIMENSIONS - 45-45-60 cm..
Ex Tax:Rs800.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH1175
Wellton Healthcare 4 Legs Revolving Stool WH1175Specification:The Four Legs Stainless Steel Tubular ConstructionIt Has SS Foot Rest RingIt Has SS Revolving Top Adjustable Height With MS Screw MechanismDIMENSIONS - 45-45-60..
Ex Tax:Rs2,500.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH 1437
Specification :-It is made up of Round Tube. Seat & Back are foam padded. It has padded arm rests.  Load Capacity is 120 kg. Chair is Pre-Treated Epoxy Powder Coated...
Ex Tax:Rs3,000.00
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: WH-130B
Wellton Healthcare Anesthesia Stool WH-130BDescription:-Upholstered Seat.Epc Framework.Plastic  Base With Wheels.  Revolving Top.  Height Adjustable Using Pneumatic Gas Spring...
Ex Tax:Rs2,725.42
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