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Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: Proctoscope Premium Quality
Product Features:-Proctoscope is an instrument used to visualize internal piles (hemorrhoids) and rectumThe IndoSurgicals Proctoscope is made from high quality, durable stainless steel.The Proctoscopes are completely reusable and fully autoclaveable.These reusable theatre instruments conform to all ..
Ex Tax:Rs746.39
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: Proctoscope General Quality
Wellton Healthcare Proctoscope General QualityProduct Features;-Proctoscope Is An Instrument Used To Visualize Internal Piles (Hemorrhoids) And RectumThe IndoSurgicals Proctoscope Is Made From High Quality, Durable Stainless Steel.The Proctoscopes Are Completely Reusable And Fully Autoclaveable.Thes..
Ex Tax:Rs547.42
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