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Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: Oval Clinical Thermometer
Oval Clinical ThermometerProduct Features:- The Clinical Thermometer For Armpit Use This Product Test Body Temperature It Has Easy To Read Mercury Thermometer The Temperature Range: 35 To 42 Degree Centigrade & 94 - 108 Fahrenheit Accuracy: 0.1 in C scale / 0.2  In ..
Ex Tax:Rs124.23
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: Rossmax TG380 Flexible Thermometer
Rossmax TG380 Flexible Thermometer Product Features:- The 10 Seconds Measurement Flexible Tip It Has Fever Alarm Waterproof This Product  Auto Shut-off °C / °F Switchable The Low Battery Indicator Self-Diagnosis For Malfunction..
Ex Tax:Rs186.85
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: Rossmax TG380 Flexible Thermometer Standard
Rossmax TG380 Flexible Thermometer StandardProduct Features:The Telephoto Temperature Measurement Distance  Within 10cm (3.94 Inch) This Product 1 Second MeasurementTemple Temperature The Object Temperature Auditory Fever Alarm 9 Memories °C / °F Switchable  I..
Ex Tax:Rs2,908.80
Brand: Wellton Healthcare Model: Thermometer Clinical, Prismatic Dual Scale
Thermometer Clinical, Prismatic Dual ScaleProduct Features:- The Thermometer, Clinical Economy Model Oral. Its Prismatic Type Lens Front. This Is Dual Scale Cylindrical Bulb. The Range Of : 35-42ºC & 94-108ºF Accuracy ± 0.1ºC & ± 0.2ºF In plastic Case...
Ex Tax:Rs81.81
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